Do you have a Modern Desktop?

Get modern with Office 365 & Windows 10

When we talk about a Modern Desktop it means running your business using the Windows 10 Operating system on a desktop or laptop and Office 365 in the cloud.

A modern desktop gives your business:

- Better productivity by upto 25%

- Better security, with Microsoft investing over £1 Billion/year on security features

- Lower Cost: With 20%  less IT time for support and maintenance and 33% fewer issues


With end of support having gone for Windows 7 and coming soon for Office 2010, now is the time to get modern.

Windows 7 - end of support January 14 2020

Office 2010 reach end of support October 13 2020.

Why does it matter to upgrade your software?

Out of date software can cause issues with productivity & responsiveness, and pose a security risk to your organisation & data. It can also be mosr costly when things go wrong. If you don't update, you won't get the security upgrades, and will be more vulnerable to hackers & cyber attacks. Read our blog to find out why you should upgrade end of support software.

Upgrading to a Modern Destop increases staff productivity, reduces business cost & enhances IT security.

Increase Productivity

  • Work smarter and faster.

  • Improve productivity with the latest office apps and tools built for teamwork

  • Empower teams members to collaborate in real time and leverage the intelligence of the cloud

  • Improve user experience which makes for a happier team.

Reduce Cost

  • Protect your business every day

  • Free up resources and reduce IT costs over time by simplifying device management and staying up to date

  • Simplify the processes of keeping devices up to date while saving time, reducing costs and gaining control

Enhance Security

  • Avoid security risks caused by unsupported solutions​

  • Protect your company against external threats and leaks with security and compliance tools built into your devices.

  • Ensure users are protected with capabilities that respond to the latest threats.

What are my options?

Windows 10 Upgrade

  • Either with an in place license upgrade or purchasing a new modern device

  • Built in security features

  • Simplified Updates

  • Flexible managemnet

  • Enhanced productivity

Office 365

  • Complete, integrated solutions designed for small business

  • Web & mobile versions of office applications

  • E-mail & calendar

  • Teamwork & communication

  • File storage & sharing

  • Security & compliance

  • Suppor & deployment

  • Desktop versions of ofice applications for PC & Mac

  • Tools to build & manage your business

Microsoft 365

  • Combines the benefits of Office 365 & Windows 10 in one license

  • With advanced security & device management


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