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Helping you build a practical IT strategy which delivers your business goals.

On demand access to an experienced and skilled IT Director

Designing a comprehensive IT strategy to underpin your business goals can be challenging without board-level IT representation.

Even for organisations with an experienced technical IT team, it may be hard for the senior leadership team and technical staff to communicate and understand each other effectively.

Our experienced consultants help you map out an IT strategy which is directly linked to your business goals.

what we provide

We provide all the functions you would normally rely on an IT Director or Head of IT to perform, at a budget to suit your needs:

CASE STUDY: commercial & residential property


Fractional IT director to review overall IT Stratgey and streamline operations

our technical SOLUTION

  • Undertook an IT stratgey review including IT security
  • Attended board meetings and advised on IT requirements
  • Attended bi monthly IT meetings with the in-house IT team
  • Worked with the IT team to scope out and deliver several projects
  • Delivered a £20k cost saving on procurement of an IT system.



For years we relied on commentary from our in-house team that systems were fine. It was only when we engaged with Lucid that a number of elements of our IT infrastrcuture were identified as being outdated, leading to a wholescale review of our strategy. Under the supervision of Lucid, a manged and well planned upgrade approach is now in progress

Group Board Director

Thinking differently about IT

We’re accountable for IT Strategy and translating commercial requirements into effective IT solutions. 

service details

We help you improve your business and maximise performance by translating business goals into a practical technical strategy.

On demand access

Access our skills as much or as little as you need us, from half a day a month, to something much more intensive.

Board meeting attendance

We will attend your board or other leadership team meetings and help shape your IT strategy, providing valuable insight to help you make the right decisions. 

Detailed IT strategy

We develop a detailed IT strategy for your organisation, which could be lightweight if you are smaller, or more comprehensive for larger businesses.  We will then play an active role in executing that strategy with you. 

Understanding business requirements

We are experts at gathering business requirements for new technology investments.  Talking to key staff or management team members, and creating an environment where key stakeholder opinions are listened to and meaningfully integrated into your plans. 

Driving ongoing success

We continue to develop your IT strategy and vision with you, providing support and insight as and when you need it. 

why choose Lucid?

Our service is unique in the marketplace – many Fractional IT Director services are provided by management consultants, with limited hands-on practical IT experience.

Here’s why we’re different.

IT people who understand business​​

We have held senior IT and commercial leadership roles in organisations ranging from a handful of staff to hundreds of staff.  Many of our team hold qualifications in commercial disciplines as well as IT - which means we speak the language of the boardroom as well understanding technology.

Technically Qualified Resource​

Our consultants hold technical qualifications from major vendors including Microsoft and Cisco as well as IT security and networking qualifications.


Because we've been in IT for more than 20 years, we rarely encounter a piece of technology we've not seen before. When we help you design a strategy, you can be confident we've had practical experience of the technologies we're recommending.

Security specialists

We guide and develop your organisation's IT strategy in line with current IT security best practice including the UK Government's Cyber Essentials standard.

Information governance

We guide and develop your organisation's IT strategy in line with current information governance best practice including the Data Protection Act 2018 and EU GDPR.

Practical technical help

Our consultants can also bring members of our qualified and skilled operations team to assist you on many types of IT project where it may not be economical to maintain suitable resource in house. 

Lucid thinking

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