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Giving you visibility and control of your IT infrastructure.

Detailed IT infrastructure review by qualified consultants

Many successful businesses grow rapidly in their early stages of development with unplanned and decentralised IT purchasing.  Business leaders may lack an overall picture of what IT systems the organisation owns or uses, and what processes exist.

We provide a comprehensive review of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, giving you full visibility of all your IT assets, with detailed recommendations and a written report for management.

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A detailed, consultant-led review of your IT infrastructure to give you visibility of your IT assets and processes.  Areas we cover include:



Review and report upon the organisation’s IT infrastructure following a recent de-merger from a larger parent organisation.

our technical SOLUTION

  • Captured the existing IT infrastructure, the required roles and functionality of the infrastructure, all dependencies between parts of the infrastructure and license, support & maintenance contracts

  • Provided appraisals as to whether existing IT Infrastructure met the standards and accreditation alignment with the requirements of Scottish Public Bodies

  • Advised upon the current effectiveness of IT infrastructure

  • Provided recommendations for changes to the IT infrastructure where appropriate



Everyone would like to praise your efforts on a very thorough, concise and clear report that meets the requirements. Your work will be extremely valuable to the organisation

Senior GIS Analyst

Thinking differently about IT

Our experienced infrastructure consultants will review your businesses current situation and make detailed recommendations to support your long term plans 

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A comprehensive review of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, designed to give you full visibility of all your IT assets, with detailed recommendations and a written report for management.

Our service can help you:

Balance cost and value for money

By planning and sizing your IT infrastructure correctly, and taking into account your growth and staffing plans, you will be able to produce accurate budgets for IT spending, which support effective and accurate business planning. 

Enabling and plan for growth

If you are planning a period of rapid growth, then your IT systems need capacity to deliver that growth. By putting in place the right strategy now, you can avoid delays to your growth plans later while you wait for your IT systems to catch up. ​

Increase Flexibility

An IT infrastructure which is inflexible or costly to change will hold back the business during times of change, when flexibility and agility are most needed.

Simplifying to reduce risk

For many businesses which have grown organically, technology systems are often complex, and may only be understood by a small number of staff. By simplifying technology we reduce risk by reducing the opportunities for failure, and reducing your reliance on high-cost specialist skills to operate your systems. ​

Improving security

We apply the principles of Cyber Essentials – a UK Government standard for IT Security which guards against up to 88% of all known cyber attacks.    

why choose lucid?

Top reasons to choose us over our competitors.

Technically Qualified Resource​​

Our consultants hold technical qualifications from major vendors including Microsoft and Cisco as well as IT security and networking qualifications.

IT people who understand business​​

We have held senior IT and commercial leadership roles in organisations ranging from a handful of staff to hundreds of staff. Many of our team hold qualifications in commercial disciplines as well as IT - which means we speak the language of the boardroom as well understanding technology.


Because we've been in IT for more than 20 years, we rarely encounter a piece of technology we've not seen before. When we make recommendations, you can be confident we've had practical experience of the technologies we're discussing.

Security specialists​

We guide and develop your organisation's IT strategy in ine with current IT security best practice including the UK Government's Cyber Essentials standard.

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