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High speed business grade internet connections

High speed, reliable business internet and managed firewall

A high speed, business grade internet connection allows you to collaborate online, move to the cloud, work from anywhere and transact business securely online.

Our internet services include a fully managed router and firewall, to help secure your business against emerging security threats from the internet.

OUR services

We offer managed business internet connections with speeds up to 10Gbs throughout the UK including:

Thinking clearly about IT

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We understand what business users need from an internet connection.  Our business grade internet connections connect your team and your offices, 24×7 guaranteed.

Widest range of services

With a wide range of options, we can provide all your organisation’s connectivity needs from a single provider, with a single monthly bill, and one place to come to for technical support – including for homeworkers or branch offices.

Always get the full advertised speed

We don’t have what other providers call “busy periods” or “shared bandwidth” where your speed may drop to a fraction of what you’re expecting.  You always get the full advertised speed, 100% of the time. 

Fully managed service​

We take care of security, regular updates to your router, and we monitor your service 24×7.  Our automated monitoring systems alert us if there’s a problem with your internet service so our engineers can start work on the problem before it impacts on service. 

Financially backed guarantees

We offer contractual guarantees on ethernet services that your connection will be available 100% of the time, with money back if we fail. 

Managed VPN

Enable your staff to access on-premises applications such as CRM or practice management while they’re out of the office.


Top reasons to choose us over our competitors.

Expert help and choice

Our team of friendly experts will help you specify the right internet connection for your size of business, so you get the right service at the right price.

Security experts

You can rely on us to securely manage and maintain your router and firewall in line with the principles of recognised security standards including Cyber Essentials.​

24 x7 service monitoring

We monitor your service's capacity and usage to predict when failures may happen, and help you predict when an upgrade might be needed.


In depth technical information about our internet connections

Managed firewall

All our services include a managed router and firewall, with options to upgrade to Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance with Firepower services for additional protection for your internet traffic. 

No contention or traffic management​

Our services are uncontended.  We guarantee that you will get 100% of the advertised bandwidth, 100% of the time. No “busy periods” or “shared bandwidth”.

Service level guarantees

Our ethernet services come with contractually binding guarantees that your internet service will be working 100% of the time.  We’re so confident we can deliver that we’ll give you money back if we fail. 

Resilience options

For businesses and technical teams who need extra assurance and protection against downtime, we offer redundant routers, guaranteed path diversity and enhanced service levels on copper services. 

Static IP addresses

All our internet connections, including FIbre to the Cabinet and ADSL, come with at least one static IP address, with more available on request (subject to RIPE justification as usual).

VPN for home workers

Many large broadband providers do not reliably support VPN usage over their domestic broadband services.  If your staff who are based from home are having difficulty with VPNs not working, talk to us – our internet connections all fully support all VPN technologies. 

Site to Site Networks

If you have a large number of office locations, we can provide connectivity for all of them, including managed VPN and firewall security using an MPLS network – so you can fully outsource the management of all your internet connections to one provider. 

Lucid thinking

What is a business grade internet connection?

When it comes to ordering internet for your business it can be a mind field of different terminoloy. In this article we discuss what sets a business broadband service apart from a home one ,and also what you should be looking out for before you buy.

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