Social values at Lucid Networks

Lucid Networks contributes in various ways to our local communities and the wider IT community, including:

Support for local communities

  • We regularly put on free educational events for SME’s in the form of webinars and seminars. Our main topics are IT Security, IT Compliance and trends in IT Infrastructure.
  • We offer free “office hour clinics” to companies based at Manchester Science Park, where they can get free IT advice.
  • We work with the local universities to recruit new graduates and exhibit at career fairs.
  • We donate regularly (both financially and our time) to Embassy a charity which provides emergency shelter and longer term support to vulnerable homeless men in Manchester. Our fundraising has recently included participating in a “bus pull” event.
  • We have a policy of donating surplus food from all our events and meetings directly to the homeless within Manchester.
  • We donate to the Wikimedia Foundation which is dedicated to providing free knowledge to all, most notably by hosting Wikipedia.
  • We contribute to various Open Source software projects

Environment impact

  • We’ve moved out of our permanent data-centre, to hosting in the cloud – to reduce energy consumption
  • Our company travel policy prefers public transport for long distance travel
  • We are hosting seminars as webinars, and increasing online meetings
  • We have a 100% remote delivery model (including windows autopilot)
  • We’ve applied for grant funding to upgrade our lighting to LED
  • We offer the bike to work scheme
  • We offer flexible home working
  • We’ve situated ourselves in an environmentally aware, low carbon footprint office park, who uses IOT to get better energy efficiency throughout the campus, and is one of the 1st Commercial properties in the UK to use a Tesla battery system to compliment their renewable energy mix.

Equality & diversity

  • We are committed to promoting equality & diversity in tech. A third of our workforce is female and a third of our workforce is BAME.
  • We recognise there is a gender imbalance in tech and are committed to encouraging women to enter technical roles and study technical disciplines at University & College.

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