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Improving your technical safeguards for data privacy

Most organisations hold or process some type of personally identifying data about clients, employees, contractors or suppliers.

The Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK and the EU’s GDPR regulation require organisations to take all necessary measures to safeguard that data during storage and processing. 

We help you safeguard your organisation’s personally identifying data on any device.

data privacy services

We help your organisation every step of the way from the start of your data privacy journey, through to eventual certification against recognised independent standards. 

CASE STUDY: Healthcare software provider


To carry out a GDPR/Data privacy gap analysis with detailed recommendations. 


our technical SOLUTION

  • Workshop led by one of our Informantion Governance consultants, with key members of the organisation
  • Detailed gap analysis carried out assessing their current situation, and recommendations to become compliant



Lucid did a detailed GDPR / Data Privacy gap analysis for us, including an in-depth technical audit of our IT systems.  Lucid’s consultants helped us ensure the right technical controls and management procedures are in place, to ensure our IT systems continue to help us deliver compliance with data privacy legislation.
We’d recommend them because they’re easy to work with, and able to work closely with technical staff, suppliers and members of our senior leadership team alike.

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De-risk, comply and improve with Lucid thinking about your organisation’s data privacy

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While the initial excitement surrounding the implementation of GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 has now subsided, it is vital for conscientious organisations to demonstrate that they are taking data privacy seriously. 

Our services gives you an affordable, accessible and proportionate response to the legislation, balancing the risk of a data breach, against the financial cost of implementing controls and the risk of not implementing suitable controls.

Data Privacy gap analysis

We undertake a detailed analysis of your data storage and data processing systems and practices.  Analysing against a 17 point data privacy plan, and 10 point IT infrastructure plan, we provide detailed recommendations to help your organisation become and stay compliant. 

Policy review and access to templates

We review your existing IT and data policies and whether they align with DPA 2018, best practice, and independent standards. If your current policies need improvement, we provide you with access to our library of compliant template policies.

IT security

We evaluate your IT security stance, and whether your current security practices are compatible with adequately safeguarding personally identifying information.  Our consultants provide recommendations and practical help to make improvements if necessary. 

Data encryption

We examine how encryption is used in your organisation to protect critical data, and provide recommendations and practical help to make improvements if necessary. 


Top reasons to choose us over our competitors.

IT people who understand business​

Because we're technical people who understand business, we understand that your response to data privacy legislation needs to be proportional to the risk of a breach, and the risk of not implementing suitable controls. You may also need to be compliant to bid for new contracts - we balance these factors against your cost of getting compliant.

Security specialists

If your IT infrastructure is not secure, it will be almost impossible to secure personally identifying data stored upon it. We help you implement recognised, accessible and affordable security standards such as Cyber Essentials, as a practical stepping stone to data privacy compliance.

Practical technical help

We are infrastructure experts, who support organisations large and small with day to day IT operations. We also hold a range of Microsoft and Cisco qualifications, so we have the technical skills to help you make any required changes to your IT infrastructure to become compliant with data privacy legislation.

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