Windows 7 End of Support

If you have not yet decided whether it is more productive for your company to upgrade to Windows 10 or stay with the comfortably familiar Windows 7, we will try to make all things LUCID for you.

You probably know by now that support and all subsequent security updates for Windows 7 are coming to an end on January 14th, 2020. Please refer to our previous blog about why you should update EoS software.

As a last resort, Extended Security Updates will be available for companies that require extra time to upgrade to Windows 10.

What Windows 10 springs forward

But sooner or later, Windows 10 seems to be the next logical step towards reduced costs, advanced security and productivity, a more simple, creative and safer way to manage business.

Increase productivity

  • Work smarter and faster;
  • Improve productivity with latest apps and tools for teamwork;
  • Empower teams to collaborate in real time and leverage the intelligence of the cloud;
  • Improve user experience.

Businesses and people require more flexibility every day, so on a modern computer you can now touch, draw or talk to Cortana, your virtual personal assistant, that can help you manage tasks and meetings among other things.

Enhance security

  • Avoid security risks caused by unsupported solutions;
  • Protect against external threats and leaks, with security and compliance tools built into your devices;
  • Ensure users are protected with capabilities that respond to the latest threats.

For instance, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection and Windows Hello bring about sensors in the operating system combined with a powerful security cloud service and identity protection features including facial or fingerprint recognition.

Reduce costs

  • Protect your business every day;
  • Free up resources and reduce IT costs over time by simplifying device management, staying up to date and gaining control.

Which fits you?

  • Windows 10 Home is more adequate for small businesses or personal use, with potential to accommodate either small or bigger projects.
  • Windows 10 Pro comes with additional features for small and medium size businesses to enjoy enhanced productivity and security, while taking advantage of cloud solutions.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise is the most advanced version aimed at medium and large businesses that require increased data protection and process management.

For a single comprehensive solution, you might want to go for Microsoft 365 Business that integrates Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, safeguarding apps and data on-premises, in the cloud and across devices.