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Move critical applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Qualified Microsoft IT experts designing & implementing your cloud migration

For more than 25 years businesses have chosen Windows Server and SQL server to run their crtitical workloads. Increasingly they are moving those workloads to the cloud to support innovation and digital transformation. Our team of cloud experts can design and implement your cloud migration with minimal business interruption.

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We can help with every stage of your journey to Azure 

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to give you greater flexibility and reduce your total cost of IT ownership 

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Enterpirse customers are more likely to choose Azure for their cloud migration due to its intelligent security, seamless hybrid capabilities and cost saving options.

Unmatched Security

Intelligent security and performance features mean consistent and predicatble workload performance

Unparallelled innovation

Fully-managed infrastructure and services, accross apps, data and infrastructure.

Hybrid Solutions

Connect your on-premises servers to Azure to take advantage of cloud backup, monitoring, disaster recovery and storage.

Cost Advantages

The lowest cost of ownership by combining unique pricing options and extended security updates.

Why choose lucid?

Top reasons to choose us over our competitiors.

Technically Qualified Resource

Our consultants hold technical qualifications from Microsoft as well as IT Security and networking qualifications.

Microsoft Silver Partners

We are Microsoft Silver partners, recognising our status as Microsoft cloud experts, having helped hundreds of organisations move to the Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud and once there, managed their cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure Experts

Our team are also qualified and experienced in areas of IT infrastructure including Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services, Active Directory and networking engineering. We provide you with a comprehensive solution which is secure, and works for your organisation.

Long practical experience

Because we've been in IT for more than 20 years, we rarely encounter a piece of technology we've not seen before. No matter what your problem, we can help.

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