IT Consultancy for the Legal Sector


Technology is changing the way legal IT services are delivered.  


The modern legal practice strives to improve service levels and fee earner efficiency with fewer resources and at lower cost to maintain profitability, and technology has a key role to play.

Legal IT security is high on the agenda of all UK law practices and the Law Society in England & Wales and Scotland.  We draw upon best practice from organisations such as the NCSC and the SRA to help you defend against the latest threats.

We act as your trusted advisors - independent consultants with a picture of the whole technology landscape, and the interplay between your software and IT infrastructure so we can advise you effectively on your technology options and help you overcome your challenges.

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Protecting against Cybercrime

The past year has seen cyber attacks on a larger scale and level of audacity that has not been seen before.  


We apply the principles of Cyber Essentials - the UK Government scheme to improve cyber security.

Applying cyber essentials to your firm helps guard against up to 88% of threats from the internet, which may result in a security breach.

Moving to the cloud​

Moving practice management applications to the cloud can deliver new features, better productivity, and can help shrink your onsite infrastructure and support costs. 


But security of cloud services is a key challenge - practice principals must guarantee the security of their digital supply chain - issues such as assurance that clients' data is stored only within the UK and ensuring your suppliers have suitable disaster recovery procedures in place can still be a challenge.

Because we are an independent consultancy, we act for you, the practice principals - we understand security and data storage issues, and provide objective technical review and advice on third party cloud services, together with practical help in securing your own IT infrastructure to work with them.

Improving Fee Earner Efficiency​

Enabling today's generation of lawyers to work on any device from anywhere is critical to maintaining productivity, and attracting the best new talent. 


Mobile working must be secure but still usable so fee earners can work quickly and efficiently on their most important tasks.  It needs to be flexible, such as offering Bring Your Own Device policies, while still protecting the firm's and clients' data.

We provide a range of remote working options, and we leverage security features of Office 365 and Mobile Device Management to give you confidence your fee earners are working at peak productivity but still staying secure.

Assisting Merger and Acquistion

If your practice is growing through M&A activity, your synergies and economies of scale depend heavily your ability to rapidly integrate the acquired business and its systems into your own.  The costs of unexpected or difficult IT integration tasks including application compatibility, data transformation and software licensing can rapidly spiral.

We offer a comprehensive "before and after" IT assessment which will help prepare your practice for M&A activity, quickly identify potential issues so they can be eliminated or planned around, and help give you confidence to take calculated business risks to grow your practice.


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