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"All health and social care organisations should provide evidence that they are taking action to improve cyber security, for example through the ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme"

With healthcare organisations constantly evolving, in addition to the financial pressures within the NHS, there is a greater need for automation, streamlining of services, data protection & ensuring your organisation is protected from cyber threats. 

Security of patient data is critical, when it's "at rest" stored on your systems, or "in transit" over yours or other NHS organisations' networks.  The WannaCry attack last year, was the largest attack seen by the NHS, affecting 81 trusts & 603 primary care & other organisations. Since then "Your Data: better security, better choice, better care", was published, recommending the cyber essentials scheme.

We provide tailored solutions to help you maintain efficient & effective IT systems, which will ultimately benefit both the NHS (or other healthcare organisations) and improve patient outcomes.

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Protecting against Cybercrime

NHS England has embedded the 10 Data Security standards in its 2017/2018 contract, after the Government's report: Your Data, Better Security, Better choice, better care. 


Cyber essentials should be a minimum requirement in terms of certification. We can help NHS organisations fulfil their contract through the cyber essentials & cyber essentials plus certification.


We assess your network devices, servers, desktop / laptop computers and mobile devices and build a tailored plan to improve their security including auditing passwords and user accounts; firewalling, auditing and disabling un-needed services and ensuring security updates / patches and firmware are up to date.


With continued financial pressures within the NHS, and the importance of innovation & streamlining of patinet pathways, IT automation has the potential to significantly save time & money, and ultimately improve both NHS & patinet outcomes.


If you have an idea which you feel will add value to the service you run, but are unsure how to implement the technology involved, please speak to one of our technical IT consultants.

Managed Application Hosting

For organisations with more than one office, or with mobile workers, moving your critical business applications to a purpose built datacentre facility can help improve performance and data security.  Moving these systems to public clouds may not be possible either because the vendors don't support this, or because you have concerns over your patients' data being stored outside the EU or UK.

We allow you to move these applications to the cloud too, so they can benefit from better security, better performance for remote users and lower costs, while still providing the resilience and data security you need.

We can host virtually any application in our UK based datacentre, running on either Linux or Windows Server, all benefiting from comprehensive support and maintenance up to 24x7x365 from our UK based team.


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