Terms And Conditions: Domain Name Registration & Hosting

1. Registration of domain names

1.1 When registering or renewing your domain, we will select a suitable registry at our sole discretion, depending on the Top Level Domain you choose.

1.2 For domain names ending in .uk:

1.2.1 We act as a registrar for Nominet UK who is the registry for all domain names ending in .uk. We will register any .uk domain with Nominet UK on your behalf

1.2.2 When you register a .uk domain name, you enter into two separate contracts: one with Nominet UK (the Nominet Terms and Conditions & Rules of Registration) and the other with us (these terms and conditions).

1.2.3 Is it your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the Nominet Terms and Conditions & Rules of Registration and that you comply with them fully.

1.3 For domain names not ending in .uk we will select the appropriate registry to register your domain name with, and you are bound only by Lucid’s terms and conditions.

1.4 You authorise us to act as your agent in relation to the registration and renewal of your domain name(s) with a registry.

1.5 You agree to provide us with valid and correct identity and contact information which we will supply to the registry on your behalf to carry out your registration. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide us with updated information in the event of any change.

1.6 We are not liable for any loss or damage relating to non-registration or revocation of a domain name by the registry if you fail to comply with the terms of their contracts.

2. Payment, renewal and cancellation

2.1 When you request us to register a domain name for you, we will notify you in writing of our current charges. You must accept those charges in writing before we proceed.

2.2 For some of our hosting products, including (but not limited to) web hosting, e-mail hosting and domain name parking, our charges may include registration of a domain name.

2.3 All charges for domain name registration are invoiced and are payable annually in advance. Payment must be received in cleared funds no later than the last working day prior to the renewal date.

2.4 The minimum contract term for domain name registration is 12 months.

2.5 We will automatically renew your domain name each year and invoice you for the renewal unless you notify us at least 30 days prior to the renewal date that you do not want to renew it.

2.6 We may (but do not have to) transfer, cancel, alter or amend the domain name, put it in a special status or prevent its renewal:

  • on your instructions (including the absence of instructions to renew)
  • on the instructions of someone who we take reasonable steps to confirm is acting on your behalf
  • if we do not receive payment for domain name registration or other related charges within stated payment terms
  • if we reasonably believe that you have provided false or misleading information to us and we cannot contact you to correct it in 30 days
  • the domain name is being used in a way that is likely to endanger any part of the domain name system or our systems and internet connections
  • you fail to comply with our acceptable use policy
  • you withdraw your permission to have personal or identifying data displayed in WHOIS (this does not apply to a non trading individual who opts out of publishing their details in the WHOIS database).

2.7 We are not liable for any loss or damage relating to suspension or cancellation of a domain name for any of the reasons set out in clause 2.8. No credit or refund will be given for service not used while the service is suspended or withdrawn for these reasons.

2.8 If your domain name is cancelled or not renewed for any reason, it may be released back into the pool of available domain names where a third party may register it. If that happens, the process is not reversible, and you may lose access to the domain name permanently. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from this.

3. Transfer of your domain name

3.1 You may transfer your domain name to another provider at any time.

3.2 If you transfer your domain name to another provider:

  • You accept that we no longer have control over it and accept no responsibility for faults or errors resulting from changes made to it.
  • You must ensure the organisation or person taking over the domain name accepts the terms and conditions of the new registrar and registry that you are transferring to.
  • You must use our currently published transfer procedure.
  • You must pay to us, upon request, all outstanding balances contractually and lawfully due in respect of domain name, hosting or other related services under their service specific terms and conditions.

4. General

4.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English Law.

4.2 By renewing or registering any domain with us, you are agreeing the you or your company will be bound by these terms and conditions, and you are certifying that you are authorised to bind your company into a legally binding contract.

4.3 You acknowledge that domain names and related services may be accessed over and controlled by computer or communication networks which may not be owned or controlled by us. We do not certify that any services which depend on networks outwith our control will be error or problem free, and we accept no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from such errors or faults. 

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