data backup and restore

Protect your business critical data wherever it's stored.

Managed data backup and restore - on premises or in the cloud

Our managed backup and restore service protects your data with up to 5 backups a day.  We protect data on premises – on your servers and workstations – and in the Office 365 cloud. 

We monitor and maintain your backups with a fully managed service to give you confidence your backups are usable and complete. 

backup and restore services

We provide a fully managed backup and restore service which gives you confidence that your backups are usable, and complete: 

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Thinking clearly about IT

We understand how critical it is to keep your company files and data secure and safe. With upto 5 backups a day either on-premise or in the office 365 cloud.


Our managed backup & restore service gives you peace of mind that your data is backed up regularly, and confidence that your backups will be usable in an emergency. 

Up to 5 backups a day

Nightly backups mean a day of lost work if you need to restore.  We take up to 5 backups a day to reduce that lost productivity to just a couple of hours. 

On Premises backup

We back up workstations and servers at your offices, at datacentres and remote locations too – anywhere with an internet connection. 

Microsoft 365 backup

We back up data in Microsoft 365 including email, calendar, contacts, and files and folders in Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Offsite storage

Backups are encrypted before they are transferred offsite for storage in UK datacentres for compliance with data privacy and information governance standards.

Long retention

Up to 7 years data retention.

why choose lucid?

Our comprehensive service gives you peace of mind that your data is secure and can be restored quickly when you need it.

Managed service

Our UK based team of experts proactively monitor your backups, ensuring that failed backups are investigated and problems fixed quickly.

Not just backup - restore too

How many times have you needed to restore from a backup, only to find the backups you have been taking for months are incomplete, or you can't access them?
We believe a backup isn't complete until you're 100% confident you can restore from it. So our managed service includes regular test restores and inspection of your backups to make sure they're usable and complete.

Rapid restore

We can restore your backups to emergency cloud based systems to get you back up and running faster.

technical details

In depth technical information about our Backup and Restore service.

On premises backup

Back up files and folders, bare metal recovery and Virtual machines running Windows Server and Linux.

For Windows Servers, our service is VSS aware, so can back up Microsoft Exchange, SQL server and Systemstate for bare metal recovery.

Microsoft 365 backup

Up to 5 backups a day of your email, calendar, contacts OneDrive files and folders and Sharepoint sites for all your users in the Microsoft 365 cloud.  Restore whole mailboxes, individual emails, files, folders or whole Sharepoint sites within minutes. 

Backup testing

We will carry out test restores on a regular basis to confirm that your backups are successful and usable.   We also offer a test boot service where we can regularly restore entire virtual machines onto our test infrastructure and interactively check that they boot successfully to give you extra assurance that your backups are successful and usable. 

Backup schedules

For on premise servers and workstations, up to 5 backups a day at any time. 

For Microsoft Exchange Online, backups every 4 hours

For Microsoft Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for Business, every 6 hours. 


Retention times of up to 7 years (depending on source).

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