Covid 19/Corona Virus

Help & Advice for businesses

With the global crisis changing at a rapid pace, please don't feel you are alone. We want to support & help local businesses, and will be updating this page regularly with guidance & top tips, particularly in relation to working from home.


The key things to consider are:

  • Has your business got fast enough connectivity to support homeworking

  • Do you have a VPN connection

  • Do you have collaboration tools for sharing documents & communicating effectively (we use Microsoft 365 which includes one-note, sharepoint and teams - see below)

  • Do you have laptops for employees to use at home?

  • Have you got workable and realistic rules about how to use, access and store data, taking into account the practicalities of the current situation?

  • Do you have laptops/PC's/tablets for employees to use at home? 

  • Do you have effective security measures in place?

Setting up & Using Microsoft Teams


At Lucid Networks we can help you effectively manage your business to homeworking, without losing productivity.

We have had a lot of questions about using Microsoft teams. Our advice to start using Microsoft Teams is:

  1. Check you have an Office 365 license which includes Teams (Office 365 Business Premium, Business Essentials, E1, E3, E5 plans


  2. Contact us if you would like help with upgrading your licenses to support teams, or increasing your number of licenses. We can help you with this remotely.


  3. Download the Teams app from:

  4. Check out the Microsoft training here:


What do you need help with?
If you let us know a member of the team will get in touch

Staying Cyber Safe

Last week (May 6th) the Government warned that businesses were at greater risk of a cyber attack as cyber criminals are exploiting the pandemic. To find out more about the different ways criminals are targeting businesses and individuals,  and to find out how you can protect your business, please read our latest blog "Cyber Criminals are expoiting the Covid-19 pandemic - is your business prepared?"

How we can help?


As a business we are used to working remotely, so even if our staff are working from home, it will be business as usual to support our clients, and their staff. 

Contact us today to find out how we can:

- Provide practical help to support your business working from home

- Build your IT infrastructure away from the office

- Make your business more secure.

- Develop an IT strategy that scales 

- Support your business moving back to the office

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If you are experiencing difficulties in setting up your team to work from home, we can help.


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