Top tips for staying safe online whilst working from home

It is being predicted that there will be a 30-40% increase in cyber attacks during the coronavirus pandemic as remote working increases. This leads to an increase in the amount of devices being used by employees to do their jobs. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are using the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in networks, systems and social engineering. Experts from the National Cyber Security Centre have revealed a range of attacks being perpetrated online as cyber criminals seek to exploit COVID-19. I have put together a quick guide of things to consider when working from home. Emails and attachments Be extra careful opening up emails and attachments if you don’t k

Covid-19: How to prepare your business for working from home

With the ongoing global crisis with Covid 19, I wanted to write a post to reassure readers, and help provide a plan to move your employees to working from home. Firstly don’t panic, have a plan: You can use technology to your advantage to respond to the current crisis. Understand the capabilities of your current IT systems before you make business plans. Make your business plans for homeworking so they fit comfortably within the capabilities of your systems. You don’t have time to make major system changes without compromising reliability. Plan ahead, and be ready, so you are not rushing to react when national guidance changes. Don’t rush to make large changes to working practices before gu

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