Advice for Recruiters


We use a number of different channels to recruit for vacancies.


We are happy to work with recruiters who can genuinely help us with our recruitment process - which means:

  • supplying us with a quantity of high quality candidates

  • who meet our job role requirements

  • generally making our job of recruiting easier and less time consuming.

In order for us to accept a CV or any other details about a candidate, we'll need you to agree that:

  • we cap recruitment fees at 15% of the first year's basic salary, up to a maximum of £4000 + VAT for any role.

  • recruitment fees will be refundable if the candidate leaves for any reason other than redundancy on the following basis:

    • Full refund if they leave within 1 month of their start date.

    • 66% refund if they leave within 2 months of their start date.

    • 33% refund if they leave within 3 months of their start date.

  • Recruitment fees invoices will be due for payment 30 days after the candidate's start date with us.

  • if we already know them or have their details from another source, we won't be liable to pay you any fees for introducing them.

  • if we don't employ them, we won't be liable to pay you any fees.

  • we won't be able to give you exclusivity.

  • you'll ensure that their skills and experience match our job spec requirements.

  • if your candidate says they have any professional or degree level certifications, you'll obtain, validate and give us sight of a copy of their certification along with their CV or details.

  • their salary expectations (a banding is fine) are stated clearly.

  • their salary expectations are in line with our stated salary for the position your putting them forward for.

Forwarding any details of a potential candidate to us implies acceptance of these conditions.

if you're OK with the above, feel free to send us CVs to


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